• certified organic skincare products and spa treatments


    AMK SKIN ORGANICS produce organic skincare products specifically designed for the Mummy to Be, New Mummy and Baby. All our products are lovingly handmade and use only the highest quality raw materials and certified organic ingredients from ethical sources. We are honoured to be approved by Small Steps.

  • Wearing nail varnish during pregnancy

    Many ladies ask me whether it is safe to use nail varnish during pregnancy. Obviously in an ideal world we would not expose ourselves to any chemicals, but this is neither practical nor realistic. Furthermore, I am a great believer that if your well-being is improved by having your nails...

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  • Did you know?

    I have been drinking decaffeinated tea and coffee for many years thinking that it was healthier than the caffeinated option (plus caffeine doesn't seem to agree with me). However, I recently discovered that during the decaffeination process, chemical solvents are used to extract the caffeine and...

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    Has your due date come and gone? Worry not; you can start using your labour oil from your due date onwards. Give your tummy a nurturing massage and if you have a willing partner/friend, get them to massage your feet and your back (daily if possible!). Just make sure you wipe excess oil off the...

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